A better coffee world.

We work with speciality coffee. Speciality coffee is about traceability, careful sorting, careful handling and an intention to highlight the unique characters of the coffee beans through sustainable relationships all the way from plant to cup.

We want to contribute to a better coffee world – a world where the growers receive normal compensation for their work and have good working conditions. We have the desire to convey the crafts that have been inherited for generations. The coffee has been carefully chosen in close cooperation with our suppliers. It is grown on smaller farms, where working conditions are good and no pesticides are used – cultivated as possible according to ecologically sound principles and in an environmentally sustainable manner.


We select a special blend for the month and in collaboration with a local roaster we have composed our very own In the Pink blend. Adding so-called single estates (from a single farm) to the list, we get many different characters on the menu – strong, robust, sweet, dark, round and sour – so there is always something that fits most wishes. The roasting date will always be stated.

Coffee drinks

Coffee drinks are made by brewing warm or cold water with ground coffee beans. The brewing can be done slowly by drop or filter or very quickly under pressure in an espresso machine, where the coffee is called “espresso”. Coffee that is slowly brewed is simply called “coffee”. All coffee drinks are based on either coffee or espresso, in different strengths; some are with milk in different varieties and quantities.

At In the Pink we have coffee drinks based on both coffee and espresso. A special coffee drink we offer is the popular Bulletproof Coffee.